Leiden Law School

  • Kees Waaldijk (professor of comparative sexual orientation law): project coordinator and primary investigator; conception of the questionnaire and the database; editor of the content of the database; principal author of the comparative analysis. He is co-author of the books Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the European Union (2006) and Droit conjugal et unions de même sexe (2008). His recent publications include ’The Right to Relate’ (Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law, 2013, 161), ’Same-Sex Partnership, International Protection’ (2013, in the online Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law), and ’Great diversity and some equality: non-marital legal family formats for same-sex couples in Europe’ (GenIUS – Rivista di studi giuridici sull’orientamento sessuale e l’identità di genere, 2014/2, 42).
  • José Maria Lorenzo Villaverde (researcher in comparative sexual orientation law, 2013-2014): contributed to the selection and formulation of the questions, to the drafting of the Guidance for experts and to the coordination of the project. On the basis of his expertise on Spanish legislations (gained and developed in his PhD research at the Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen since 2009) he contributed to the definition of the characteristics that distinguish “cohabitation” from “registered partnership”; see Lorenzo Villaverde, J.M. (2015). The Legal Position of Same-Sex Couples in Spain and Denmark. A Comparative Study of Family Law. Copenhagen: Faculty of Law of the University of Copenhagen (PhD thesis defended April 2016, not yet published).
  • Natalie Nikolina (researcher in comparative sexual orientation law, 2015-2016): contributed to finalising the formulation of the questions and of the Guidance for experts, to the coordination of the project and of all the legal experts, to the reviewing and editing of the answers provided by these experts  (in particular in sections 3 (Parenting) and 5 (Splitting up), and to the comparative analysis. She is a researcher specialising in family law and comparative law, and author of the book Divided Parents, Shared Children (2015) (PhD thesis defended October 2015 at Utrecht University) and of the article ’The Influence of International Law on the Issue of Co-Parenting: Emerging Trends in International and European Instruments’ (Utrecht Law Review, 2012/1, 122).
  • Giuseppe Zago (researcher in comparative sexual orientation law, 2014-2016): contributed to finalising the formulation of the questions and of the Guidance for experts, to the coordination of all the legal experts in the project, to the reviewing and editing of the answers provided by these experts, and to the comparative analysis. Since 2016 he is a PhD student at Northumbria University, Newcastle. His current research concerns the treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender prisoners in places of detention, critically investigating the international human rights legal framework and the ways it is enforced in national jurisdictions. His principal areas of research focus upon sexual orientation law, gender and sexuality.
  • Daniel Damonzé (researcher in comparative sexual orientation law, 2016-2017): contributed to the reviewing and editing of the answers provided by the legal experts, to finalising the content of the database, and to the comparative analysis. In 2015 he obtained his LLM at Leiden Law School, with a master thesis entitled: The global killings of sexual minorities (LGBTIs): Highlighting the limitations and need for amendment of the Genocide Convention, which was nominated for several prizes.

Institut national d’études démographiques (INED)


  • Arianna Caporali (research engineer at the Surveys Department, in charge of contextual databases and providing access to survey data): conception of the interactive database; coordination of its development and implementation, and of the contacts with the company producing it (Opixido); co-author of the user guide; co-editor of the website.
  • Kamel Nait Abdellah (IT engineer at the Surveys Department): development of the web application used to let experts answer the questionnaire online (with Voozanoo software of the company EpiConcept); contribution to the implementation of the interactive database; co-editor of the website.
  • Marie Digoix (social historian at INED’s Family Research Unit): coordination between the legal, sociological and statistical research teams and co-editor of the website.
  • Geneviève Bourge (Webmaster and web project manager at the Communication Department): contribution to the website and to the database implementation.
  • Raphäel Laurent (IT department head assistant manager, in charge of the Information system): contribution to the specifications for the interactive database.

Legal experts

List of the legal experts who gave and/or reviewed the answers for a particular jurisdiction in the LawsAndFamilies questionnaire (with links to the source-papers that they authored for the different sections of the questionnaire)




Czech Republic





  • Lina Papadopoulou (Associate Professor of Constitutional Law, Jean Monnet Chair for European Constitutional Law and Culture, Law School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), with research assistance provided by Vassilis Sotiropoulos (Attorney at Law, Athens)
    1 - Formalisation 3 - Parenting 5 - Splitting up
  • Dafni Lima (LL.M. – Cambridge, PhD Candidate – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Onassis Foundation Scholar, Academy of Athens Scholar)
    2 - Income and Troubles 4 - Migration 6 - Death













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